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1 year ago

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I was bored so I made some DTA adoptables, here's the list
1: male he/him (open)
2: female she/her (mine/closed)
3: female she/her (taken by Numi Art)
4: male he/him (open)
rule list:
do not adopt if you won't use the character
these are FCFS DTA - Draw to adopt
you can change their design a bit if you'd like but you cannot change their pre-made info (the only info listed is gender and pronouns)
one per person
if you don't get one one you want but you still want an adoptable, ask me if I can reserve you one, I'll gladly reserve you an adoptable.
To claim just say the number you want to take and then draw them (your deadline is Dec 30th tell me if you need more time and I'll extend your deadline)

I might not reply very quickly because I'll be going to sleep very shortly so goodnight and have fun :>

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