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2 weeks ago


  • WWII

  • meme

  • countryhumans

  • Germany

  • Reich

Do not use my work without my permission.
Yes, I know "reicht" is an actual word, but shh. So this was a whole meme in my friend group basically, so I decided to do a digital art of it. Has this been done before? Apologies if it has.
I hope this isn't like super offending to anyone, and if it is, I sincerely apologize. Offending people is not my intention.
So here's the Drake opinion meme but it's the Third Reich instead. No plagiarizing, please! (if this indeed hasn't been done before) If it hasn't, and you wanna do your own spin of this, (probably no one will but still) at least give me a little credit for the idea?
That's all, have a spectacular day! (I'm running out of synonyms xD)


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