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新しいアウトフィット (I look so hot like goddamn) LEVEL 3

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1 year ago

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Reposted with a custom thumbnail cuz I'm so fucking tired of Medi making thumbnails look like ass on its own
And sorry for the title in Japanese I just love doing asian fishing
Here my sona's new design ayy
I decided to go for a "sunset" theme, like when the sky goes from orange to a starred dark blue yk :D
I didn't want to add too many details-- but I'd like to add a glittery pattern to the blue top, and also some texture to the orange sweater,,
Maybe next time I draw myself lmao 👍
I also tried to make my design and color palette as accurate as possible
I even added my my second birthmark under my mouth-- I'm not talking about the mole, I'm talking about that ugly ass wart I've always had since I was born >:(
I despise it with all my heart, but I can't ignore it, so,,, I just made it look flat lmao
Arl so I really like my new design :] I hope you do too
I'm going to bed now so uh
See ya ;D


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