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2 years ago

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PLEASE DO NOT DESIGN CREATURES EXTREMELY SIMILAR to the horned one and the one with wings covering its eyes

Don't usually fill up a full page on my sketch book but did today
Gotta mix of original species, new designs, designs I've gotten from other people, and designs I've had for a while
Ex. Milo Terbaik's plant bby in the left corner, Maikkou's design, Sollen in the right, Neon-Oasis' strawberry adopt, Skeepyxx design Cheerio (smol face doodle with mask and plant), Nightfur's design Honey Bee, Honeybun.'s (I think) slightly edited shrimp plant deer racoon design, ect. (Top middle)

Also Frosty back reveal

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    Latest Skye Finch (•♬• sᴏᴄᴋ-ʙᴀɪᴛ™ •♬•)’s art


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