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7 months ago

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lol it looks so small. so mei mei chan was feeling bad about her first "digital drawing" so i wanted to boost her confidence! this isnt exactly my "first" i did have some experience while i was a gacha life creator i knew how to to lineart eyes and hair etc but firealpaca (and medibang) dont have all the ibispaint detail and getting used to the tablet was hard THIS LITTLE DRAWING HERE.. TOOK 5 HOURS 5 HOURS!! i drew cherry first because at the time i was still develping the story for moonlit garden if you wanted to know lol dont feel bad mei this is your first time you have to get used to your hands sweating on your pen, your plug keeps coming out and the system crashing (especially krita because it dosnt have autosave) so just know that your gonna get better and if you look at your past art when you are your gonna say y i k e s because we all do.


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