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OhRightMyPoster-CollabIdea- (Desc)

I feel like making a new poster cause sins getting stale so I wanna do somethin stupid-
This is a collab, you can add up to 3 of your own characters, and you should probably add your/your Ocs names like I did.
Don't worry about order, just do it whenever you can, once some time passes I'll just put it all together myself.
That being said, *Please* keep the background transparent, and keep the drawings small, makes my life easier.
Also don't do any gore or nsfw stuffs, plz, besides that, go crazy.
Hopefully ppl join, cause itd be cool to see a lotta different styles and characters put together in one thing qwq, but if not I can think of buddies to add in there myself~
Cheers :>

3 months ago

Post your illustrations too!