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3 months ago

  • Wolfie

  • wolf

  • Layingdown

  • Smart

  • glasses

  • Pinkeyes

Aight, so more story time:

When I was younger I played Minecraft *I still do a bit* and I had this wolf pack o.o
Including: Wolfie, Shadow, Jingle, Daisy, Ice, and Cola o.o cringey as heck names right? So, Im deciding to recreate them all into one drawing. Here's Wolfie, Im working on Ice rn. At then end when I'm done with all of them I'ma collage them into one forest kinda drawing I think :^

Name: Wolfie
She / her
Eye color: Pink
Characteristics: Smart, Intelligent, Agile
Has Glasses o.o
Color: Reddish brown and tan


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