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Gift For Christmas

Gift For Christmas

Gift For Christmas
I want to give back to the greatest twin sister ever. I haven't had the chance to buy her a gift she was truly interested in, while she spoiled me with gifts, I want to give back to her, as it is Christmas, to show my appreciation for her. I recently went through a tough time, having gotten a mild head injury, a concussion. And through the entire time, I am still currently healing, my twin sister has always stayed by my side to make sure I was doing well. Although she has a phobia of vomiting, me being continuously nauseated may scare her, but it doesn't stop her from always comforting me at my worst and best times. *My parents are strict and dislike me buying items like these, so having to use my talent to earn it, would be nice.* Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year! ;D

Final Round LEVEL 1

3 weeks ago
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