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3 months ago

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Okay so this ones not as long but basically this guy tono (he’s 16 right now) is a creature made for the pit of lust (I don’t have enough time in my life to write down what that is it’s only in my version of hell you can’t search it up) he was created by all the suffering souls and one day (yes again he has something to do with zalgo) as he was devouring a demon hole like a minute after he was born zalgo cam across him and was like “huh this things really weird... ima keep it” and so he basically adopted ‘ tar boy’ (that’s his nick name) he has 2 forms 1 his normal form and 2 his 13 year old form in his second form he (duh) takes the form of when he was a child (I sware to god come at me with 13 is a teenager and I’ll snap your neck (jk)) also because why the fuck not he’s horny like all the time because my brain was like “lust = horny I’m a genius” I got the idea for him from this song it slaps so hard check it out


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