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Princess Hyldea von Brandt (OC) LEVEL 3

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11 months ago

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It took a while to figure out what to name her, with the meanings and stuff, she's also gonna be in that story with Landis, she's a bit of a spoiler character lol (the love interest), Landis's kingdom is a much colder climate hence his design, and he goes on this quest and stuff with some other people and travel yo Hyldea's kingdom, both have yet to be named, but she's from a much warmer climate. she's also pretty hot-headed, and also will get annoyed at Landis's snarky comments lol
tis another finger sketch because I was bored out of my mind since I haven't been able to play Love Nikki... :(
at first I did get some shading done for this but it ended up not saving and kicking me out, so I had to do the shading and lighting all over again, I think the second time I did get it done faster though
I looked at a different source at first, but according to Bing Hyldea means "battle woman", and Von Brandt means reliability, some other meanings I forgot, and another meaning relating to fire

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