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Ray outfit contest (READ DESCRIPTION) LEVEL 3

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1 year ago

  • Phias_contest

In this contest you will get to design an outfit for Ray!
1 You are not allowed to changed Ray’s hair, skin, or eye color. It’s ok If you give her colored streaks or makeup, however if your submission has Ray with an obviously different skin tone I wont even look at it.
2(This rule is optional but would be helpful) Please do not have shading on your submission or any kind of special lighting. It will make it very hard to tell what the colors are. And also have her be in a basic standing pose too.
3 It MUST be your own art. I do not want to see any recolored edits of any art I have already made of Ray.
4 NO NFSW, it is fine if she is in a swimsuit, but please no nsfw.

The contest ends October 10.
I haven’t decided on the prizes yet because the last time I did a contest all of the contest prizes I did, while fun to draw, were a lot and really draining.
Also another side note, costumes and beach outfits are allowed.
Use the tag Phias_contest to enter your submission!
Have fun!

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