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My first ever OC/Sona, Plague. (I'm already cringing as I write this description.) I made her when I was on my... edgy phase. Thus, she does not look like me at all and doesn't represent my personality. And of course, she's black, has piercings, has blue, and red. She also loves to murder and make her enemies suffer in excruciating ways. Goodness, I've come a long way, both in character making and drawing. She was really fun to draw, though! However, she does hold a special place in my heart as she was my first ever character. I'm also NOT sorry for making y'all cringe from reading this description. Now go, bleach your eyes.

NOT for free use, nor are you allowed to trace this.
Inspired by Daexmos on DA!
BG is inspired Blitz Azalis Dash, check her out on YouTube! She makes amazing speed paint videos!

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