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1 month ago

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First of all, tysm for 200+ followers!! Secondly, I’m doing a contest I’ve had in mind for a while :0 Designing a guardian angel’s uniform!
I don’t have many rules as per usual, just no nsfw stuff :)

When designing:
You can draw whatever you like and think would fit! It can range from a literal m.i.b suit and tie to something else you think would be fun to draw out :) Keep in mind though that the design is based off of a “spirit”, which is an animal (ocean for her case) that she associates with?
The ocean animal choice is completely up to you! If you need help with choosing an animal, refer to this awesome web page!

1. 2 custom ocs + 2 requests
2. 2 custom ocs + 1 request (or vice versa)
3. 1 custom oc + 1 request

2/18/21 - 2/27/21 (That’s next Saturday)

** Also PLEASE, link your submissions on this drawing OR private message me about it so I don’t miss your submissions!**

Have fun and good luck guys!


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