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10 months ago


  • colored

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ok I have no idea what to call this, but it was something I made for my brother’s friend as a commission(? I didn’t get paid for it so ig its technically a request?). It’s supposed to be her LARP (Live Action Roleplay) character. At first I actually put effort in the shading, but as time went on I just went “fuq it, let’s just get it done.”

How long did it take? Like 13 hours. Was it worth it? Not really. Do I care? Not really.

i’m never doing fully colored art ever againnnn

jk I’m working on a commission for my brother now and it’s gonna be colored in too :,)
^^^ this means I likely won’t be posting very soon because I’m lazy with requested drawings and it’ll take me like a week to finish it. maybe I’ll post some random sketches later

p.s. can an art god teach me the secret to coloring things in??


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