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Asmodeus and Clara (chibi fan art) LEVEL 1

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1 year ago

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Anime/manga: Mairimashita Iruma-Kun!
(Welcome to demon school! Iruma kun.)

Character 1: Asmodeus Alice(my favorite)
Character 2: Clara Valac (the cutest)

They are cute rivals for Iruma Kun's attention, Asmodeus who is sorta undefeatable, feels Iruma defeated him and so considers him as his master and Clara, who just wants to play and have fun with people wants Iruma's attention cause he is the first guy to never use her for the gifts and genuinely likes to play with her....
This story is really nice and about Iruma Kun's ( a human's) life after his soul was sold to a demon who wanted a grandchild...
I highly recommend this anime, since it is super nice and fun!

(These are the final works of both of the chibis )
Hope you like them!

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