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I am very aware that this won't work out for me, however, that won't stop me from participating. I draw my artworks on an android phone and there's no sad reason behind it. I don't earn so whatever I get from my parents are more than enough. I am thankful to them for things and all the love they provide to me. I feel guilty asking for things that I know they would find it hard to give me. Our parents never really denies for our wishes, it's just that nothing comes for free, and it is already hard for them to maintain all the other expenses of households. I aspire to become an artist and I acknowledge the fact that I love art no matter what. Sometimes it gets hard to continue to art on a small screen but I also know nothing comes easy.

To turn dreams into reality
As the wise man says,
"One needs to START where one is. USE what one have. DO what one can.”

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