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2 years ago



  • The_Challengers

  • 公式トレス素材

  • トレス素材

  • Trace&Draw【Official】

絵描きの皆様にもっと楽しくART streetをご利用いただくべく、みんなで使える素材を配布します(*'ω'*)

・ART street以外へのご投稿も自由にしていただいてOKですが、右下のロゴはなるべく消さないようにお願いいたします。
In order to make the ARTstreet more fun for all artists, we will be distributing art materials!(* 'ω' *)
・ I want to draw a something, but I don't know what to draw ...
・ I can't think of a pose...
Other troubles that artists encounter, etc....

Draw a picture based on this draft and post it with the tag ""Trace&Draw【Official】""

Of course it's OK to draw alone or you can draw with other users!

※Important Points※
-Please view the posting guidelines.
・ You are free to post to sites other than ART street, but please do not delete the logo on the lower right of the image.
・ We cannot take responsibility for trouble between users.

The Challengers


What is the challenger system?

On tutorials and references, you can post an artwork that shows what you made based on the tutorial.

  • Kirbygal

    A cute base to use when bored or art blocked ☆ I liked it :D drew a quick drawing of my ocs ^^

  • 餅槻p


  • ましさん

    お借りしました ありがとうございます サムネにするのでロゴは消してしまいました 申し訳ないです😭 でも描いててすごく楽しかったです

  • あやぽんず

    のび太 のび太って映画とアニメじゃキャラが違ったりするかも、、

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