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2 months ago

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Lol idk? I kinda like to think there’s one of them that doesn’t mess around with Tofu’s soul just for the fun of it :) So here’s my interpretation?? You tell me if it sounds accurate pfff

Horror Sans: Most likely would try to eat Tofu-
Dust Sans: Most likely out to battle her for Monster XP
Nightmare Sans: Doesn’t care as long as she does her work and her soul stays with them unless she tries to escape, then it’s a big nono
Error Sans: Most likely to try and manipulate her
Cross Sans?: Most likely to glare at her to make her feel w a t c h e d
Fell Sans?: Most likely to try and intimidate her with cursing
Killer Sans: Realizes that in order for a person to do what you want, you have to keep them alive and h e a l t h y i s h-


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