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2 months ago


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raidesart30k dtiys piece (that turned into ML fanart along the way xD)
Participating in this dtiys challenge was so good for me! I've been in an art block for a while and then when I recently started drawing again I completely forgot how to draw (lineart??, coloring?? what are those o.O) In the end, I actually made four versions of this piece, because I couldn't decide if the dot with flowers in the back (and the flower crown, which isn't pictured) was too much or not. (I'll be posting the other versions on my instagram, as well.)
As I was working on this piece, I noticed that she started looking a lot like Marinette Dupain-Cheng!! And then this piece started to remind me of a previous ML fanart that I had done a little over a year ago (January 16, 2019 to be exact). <link: >
Thank you, RaidesArt for hosting this dtiys challenge!! \(^o^)/
Here's a link to their original piece!!


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