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“Would you be so kind?” “Never!”

“Would you be so kind?” “Never!”

“Would you be so kind?” “Never!”

I know I took the lyrics out of context for the “never!” part but eh.
Okay so, no one cares but, I’m feeling better. But I know it won’t last long, especially when I don’t talk to anyone lately. Makes me feel really lonely. Anyways, tomorrow school’s starting, fun isn’t it? I mean, i will see my friends but still.
Please don’t ask who the “”””shadow”””” is, thank you.
Out of context but, what if I wrote this sort of diary under every drawing that I post? Idk I just had that idea, I think it’s pretty cool.
(Songs I referenced: “would you be so kind?” by: Dodie Clark and “never” (ft. O_super) by Mag.Lo)

Final Round LEVEL 1

1 week ago
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