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1 year ago

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This is an AU of my oc Mae! It is for HeadHonchoCodex's story. I may end up drawing her a couple times because I think she is poggers.

Here is some stuff about her:
Name: "M" (pronounced like your saying the letter lol)
Warrior, Fighter, Bounty Hunter, Warrior
(she will work for anyone who will pay her lol)

Can't handle when she sees people starving or hurt, she will take time out of her day just to help them, no matter who's side they are on. Most of her family was killed during the bombing, so she has a hard time learning to love people because she is scared she will lose them. :(
You don't ever see her face, you may see her eyes but that is pretty rare, in case you do, They look like Mae's eyes. ;)

She has her SpEcIaL gun, she is extremely good with any gun though ;)
She will always have some sort of weapon and medical supplies on her.
Her powers are kinda "drifting away" so she doesn't use them very often.. :P

Sorry that was a lot lol

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