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1 week ago

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So here they are in all their glory. I spent so dang long on these it's not even funny. Except the last one I rushed him . These are all different adopt things. Some are DTAs(draw to adopts), others are NTAs (name to adopts), and some are both. Number 3 is an OTA(offer to adopt) and a DTA because she was my favorite so I did and ota. Those that have more than one qualification mean that you have to do both of those things in order to adopt them. 1 per person. If more than one person wants one then I will decide who gets it. Deadline for dta and ota(if more than one person wishes to adopt them) is October 20th. If you haven't done it before then I will give it to the other person. I really do hope ya'll enjoy them and please only adopt if you are going to use them.


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