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Fuel to My Depleted Emotion LEVEL 3

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2 years ago

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- About 165 cm tall (shorter than me).
- Medium-long hair.
- She likes to do ponytail hairstyle.
- Very gentle and often gives off wholesome vibes.
- An excellent cook!
- We would visit each other's house and she often cook for us to eat together.
- She always take care of me.
- Dislikes being in the crowd alone so she would bring me along with her.
- An aspiring author, talented in writing and she is very humble.
- She works part-time at a local cafe.
- She prefer wearing simple outfits except for special occasions.

Thank you for viewing my work and I would very much appreciate every votes this illustration received! Have a nice day :)

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Latest Hoshi・星の夢’s art

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