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1 month ago

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1) Squidkid64
2) [DTA]
3) Vox my beloved
4) Smoking Cat
5) Galactic Reaper
6) 🐻겨울 하늘색🐻T-30🆘
7) BushBabyOrigins
8) [DTA]

feel free to alter the designs, but please don't change it THAT much, cus what's the point of me making adopts ^^"
if course, after some time, you can redesign them cus they'd be your ocs heheh

also, Vox
you can simplify the patterns if you want :)

for the DTAs, link me the drawing so I can cross them off, but PLEASE make sure to put effort into it, k?

one each, guys, and if you haven't asked for a custom adopt and you want one, just ask! though, it'll close when November ends

and, of course, for every adopt, please draw them at least once, thank you :)


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