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collab with DreamEnd LEVEL 3

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1 year ago

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  • غابة

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  • forest

  • DreamEnd

  • ضوء

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For a long time i didn't draw Adam, so i wanna draw him here
i really enjoy in this collab cause it's fun to draw
and i imagine what's should happen between them
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Adam broke his arm and sprained his ankle in the middle of the forest, but he was lucky to have a kind dragon around !
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منذ مدة لم ارسم آدم، لهذا قررت رسمه هنا
لقد استمتعت بالفعل في هذا التعاون لانه ممتع في رسمه
حاولت ان اتخيل ماذا يجب ان يحصل بينهما
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كسر آدم ذراعه ولوى كاحله في قلب الغابة، لكنه كان محظوظا لوجود تنين لطيف في الجوار !

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