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Redesign C.C. Contest! **READ DESCRIPTION** LEVEL 3

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2 years ago

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I am doing a contest! I have never done one, but here we go! ^^"
Your challenge is to help me redesign C.C! You can redesign her in away you want. Please keep it appropriate though!
Please keep the following things the same: Sharp Teeth with Braces, Stars in her eyes, and her personality!
Ideas for things to change: Give her 2 eyes, A new outfit, new colors, and more!
The due date: January 21st, 2021 (about 30 Days)
1st: 2 adopts and 2 requests
2nd: 1 request and 1 adopt
3rd: 1 request or 1 adopt
If you would like to join, please tell me! Please tell me when you are done as well, or else I may miss it!
OR tag it with "Maehem's1stContest"
Have Fun! 💛 (If you have questions, please ask!)

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