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Shindo Yo AKA Human Vibrator LEVEL 3

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1 year ago

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May I present to you all.....BakuDeku Love Child, Thot Froppy, Human Vibrator, Copy Paste Deku but change him up a little bit, 7UP can but make it hot, Hisashi Midoriya is this where you've been while getting milk for the past 15 years EXPLAIN YOURSELF-- I can go on I swear I've been wheezing the entire day with Prarie because of this dude 😂😂😂 Tatami, I love you and Yo but I am not sorry for having so many roasts for your man-

I was too lazy to lineart so I cleaned up me sketch and thickened dem lines. Then added colors and shading. Thicc lines are making a comeback. I believe in Pen (Thin) Brush Supremacy for shadow lines UwU 💖

I started this yesterday night (half asleep) and finished it the moment I woke up t o d a y (half awake) forgot to post it on here cuz I got carried away playing Sky 😅😂 I hope you guys like it and forgive me for posting this late-

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