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5 months ago

  • request

If you won’t read this, I will not do your request
You have to follow this
1. No animals on all 4’s ( I will expect anthropomorphic)
2. You can have 1 request, do not spam
3. Keep it pg 14 nothing sexual, too gorey, and use common sense
4. Note I may take me time, I’ll msg you when it’s done
5. I will draw several characters together
Please do not put in the comments “can you please....”
I don’t like looking through 6 pages of comments, trying to find request I may or may not have done. And replying “of course” or “sure”. Please just put “For my request I’d like you to draw...” Dont think your coming off rude or pushy it just helps the comment section stay organized. Like I said, I’ll msg u when it done :)


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