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The illustration / manga posting site "MediBang!" Has become "ART street" !!
Latest �Shadⓔ�~Οf�ShΆdo⒲�%’s art
  • �Shadⓔ�~Οf�ShΆdo⒲�%
    > 《💛Yang•is•a•Goddess♥️》
    Oh, really? Thanks 0w0
    I think I improved a lil bit.
    (And y e s, he's handsome :)
  • 《💙Mom²❤》
    Thi is so goooooood oml---
    I mean-
    a handsome man? always a y e s uwu👌👌👌👌🌹
  • �Shadⓔ�~Οf�ShΆdo⒲�%
    "There's always a bit of Danger In Fiction..."

    So, all night long (and all day long) (literally) I was practicing my coloring and shading skills (yea, sleep is for the weak)
    And I decided to draw Host (yes, another Mark's ego. Dond judge me, he's awesome :))
    So, I tried my best.
    (I'm still practicing and currrently working on the sketch of Marvin The Magnificent (oh yea, magic))
    I also have other sketches that I did. I'll post them when I'll get some time >:3
    So, tell me, what do you think about this one? Did I improve?

Post your illustrations too!