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2 months ago

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this is bean and my new baby lenore
yes her name is lenore as in that angel chick from edgar allan poe's poems such as lenore and the raven
im not a nerd you're a nerd
jkjk im a big-ass nerd
love her design and colors so mroe of her in the future :)
also im working on the adopts i swear im just really bad at fullbodies and anatomy in general so it'll be a lil while
also i don't like where my style is at rn but don't know how i can make it better so if i post more of this uber-simple stuff you know why

im thinking a lot abt life and how we as a species just take all knowledge for granted so im a lil distand and just blurry rn
can you even describe someone as blurry? idk

just enjoy ig even tho it isn't that great and there's no shading bc lazy
love yall💖
and yes im a hypocrite ik don't use my words against me please and ty


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