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1 month ago

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Kuih-muih is Malay, the meaning is the bited-size of snack or desserts in Southeast Asia. I combined these delicious kuih-muih together with the cutest cat “meow” become kuih-meow.
Huat kueh AKA “Fagao”. Huat is Hokkien, Chinese is Fa, means to produce, to grow in English. This kueh is commonly in Chinese Malaysia and Singapore, people will use it for every Chinese festival. People believe that when the kuih steam until it crack beautifully as flower blooms, its meaning lucky, everything will be okay.
Kuih-muih源自馬來文,是指在東南亞的常見的一口吃的各種蛋糕或甜點。這次新的系列是把kuih-muih 和可愛的貓咪”meow” 做結合形成Kuih-Meow。
Huat kuih在中文直接是發糕。在華人社會的逢年過節的祭拜祖先的必備。人們相信在發糕蒸的過程能夠蓬鬆裂開像盛開的花朵🌺,表示好運,事事順利。


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