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villain au (for Mr.Zapphire’s contest)

villain au (for Mr.Zapphire’s contest)

villain au (for Mr.Zapphire’s contest)

this took so loNg I stg
I’ll leave the speedpaint in the comments
and the uh description of what’s happening in the comments since it’s too long for here ;-)

Final Round LEVEL 2

3 months ago
  • Mfg53

  • ℓυ¢αƒσηт
    > Quiniby uwu
  • Quiniby uwu
    > ALazyStan
    oof someone else commented that on the wip and it’s funny bc I was thinking about what I should do and looked up a bunch of endgame posters for inspo
  • Quiniby uwu
    > * max *
    le gASB
    thanku my dude 😔😔 im tryin out all these art styles and I thiink it’s helping me improve
  • ALazyStan
    endgame posters be like:
  • ℓυ¢αƒσηт
    is tHat ImpRoveMenT i sEE???
  • Quiniby uwu
    > Mr.Zapphire
    tHANK Y O U
    I’m glad you like it ;w;
    and no u deserve all the amazing entries ur amazinge r >:^(
  • Mr.Zapphire


    damn, I don't deserve an amazing entry in my contest,,

    your amazing,, 😔👌
  • Quiniby uwu
    > Lumelia
    ;w; tha n ks <33
  • Quiniby uwu
    > GhostyCup
    holy heck you’re so rad
  • Quiniby uwu
    > Slav ℙop
    he will thanos the population with his kitchen knife culinary skills
  • Quiniby uwu
    > 🇫​🇮​🇳​
    I love y o U >:^)
  • Lumelia
  • GhostyCup
    holy heck its so r a d
  • ✰ℙopℝocks✰
    everyones all gangster until toby gets a knife and all hec is unleashed
  • Quiniby uwu
    > Hai Bai got nae naed
    th an k you
    that made me so happy
    but fam, your art is g0als don’t even make me start-
  • Quiniby uwu
    but i don’t even know how the chemistry works
  • ▨╳Тыквы╳▨
    in a pool
    full of
    your love -
    ok but this is heccin cool look at all the effort you put into this it's amazing g
  • ArtsyLGStyles

  • Owen
  • Hai Bai
    This my fellow gæmers
    Is what I call real art, and I’m not even kidding
    There’s so much detail put into this, that it just makes me s u f f e r
    This is way too good for my little peanut heart
  • g0atmeal
    this is so coool!!

  • Quiniby uwu
    speedpaint :^)
  • Quiniby uwu
    feel freef to ask questions about this au or the original story
  • Quiniby uwu
    Toby’s all for it tho bc he’s eris’ best friend so he’s all idc I’ll follow u fam
    Dorian, he’s basically some scientist bitch who likes Messing with aliens n stuff and running kinda cruel tests on them. He also makes weApoNs n shit.
    Dorians one of the main villains in the normal storyline but he’s like the biggest alliance in the au. Together they will be big gae and destroy universe
  • Quiniby uwu
    woah holy moly this took a long time
    about 6-7 hours??
    ok before I start explainin u gotta know the characters,,
    purple haired girl-geneva (Eva)
    pink haired girl-rebecca (Becca)
    Blue haired girl- rayne
    black haired boy w green stripe-toby
    whitish haired boy-dorian
    black haired girl in the bottom corner- Vanessa (ness)
    brown haired girl- eris/juniper
    oK so basically,, Vanessa is eris’ original mom but she’s fucked up in all the ways, in the original storyline, ness commits suicide when eris is like 3, which forces Eva (ness’ sister) and Becca to care for her (they’re dating uwu) and they are best moms. but in this au, ness doesn’t die, so eris lives with this crackhead bitch of a mom and grows up to be this cynical twisted psychopath, rayne n toby were her best friends in the original story and started as her best friends in this au but rayne knows what’s best and is all against eris when she wants to murder everyone n stuff.
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