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Redesigning old OCs and introducing new ones #6 LEVEL 3

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1 year ago

  • By_Tortellini

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  • Ella

Didn't do much on Ella ':) just changed their accessories a bit
Hope you like this :D

Ella is a non-binary elf that likes parties, in the evening they hang out with their friends until late night, always drinking
They often get in troubles because of those friends
They live in a flat in the centre of the city with their girlfriend Maya (new OC that I'll show soon)
Maya really loves them and wants to help with their alcohol and smoke addictions, but Ella doesn't understand her Intentions so they always quarrel
During a night Ella drank a lot of beer with their friends and barely arrived at home, while Maya was sleeping
When she saw them she got mad so they started a heavy argument
Then Ella lost their control and attacked her with an empty bottle that was on the table next to them and killed her
When they realized she was dead they called the police and got arrested with the charge of second degree murder
No more troubles for her ':)


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