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1 month ago

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This is my new Oc
His name is Plumn (sorry I can't think of a better name)

20 years old
Gender: bisexual
He is a hot guy who loves flirting with others
💙Hobbies: handsome boys and girls, lemon soda, shopping, spending money, swearing (he is a hot-tempered and reckless person)
Dislikes: dirty things, talking behind his back (even though he is like that lol), people who are too fussy, people who dare to speak ill of or harm his loved ones

- 1 guy with 2 faces...

You just need to draw him in your own style. You can create more furry form for him (he's a white cat) or draw him into a girl,... it's your choice!
Once done please let me know so I can check (if possible please add tag : Plumn. Or you can send me the link.)
Stealing paintings
Bad words or hateful words
I want a fair and equal competition
First Prize: 1 request, 1 drawing of a half person
Second prize: 1 request, 1 face painting
Third Prize: 1 request
Deadline is November 16
I am looking forward to ur arts


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