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The illustration / manga posting site "MediBang!" Has become "ART street" !!
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for wolfy

Sorry it's so late
Is it bad that I feel nauseous?
I don't know ;^;
But you wanna know some partly great news?
Well,I have Snapchat lol
It was the best thing I could convince my mom to let me have tbh
My name is jazzy_mangoes
I found some of my friends on there oj accident too lmao
Even some medi people(sorry)
Lol thats all the freedom I think I'm getting for now 😂😭😖
But it's not the worst thing! :0

Today was my school orientation oof
I have school on september 6th :"^)
Anyways,enjoy wolfy I hope you like it 💖💟💜

1 month ago