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1 month ago

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Hello, I have some ✨announcements✨

1. I’m going on vacation for 3 weeks! So my activity with “chatting” is going to be very v e r y limited sometimes? I’ll still do my best to draw every other day or so though but I may just not be able to respond to stuff very fast. Sorry peeps, I just need a little break time ^^”

2. W I P S- I’m making another story, aw yeaahhhh B’) Though I’d like to know your input? What do you guys think if I were to:

Make a Star Wars comic story of some of my ocs (maybe friends’/your ocs if you all would like to get invested into a whole battle against an Empire and form alliances with some of my ocs lol)? A universe where what’s known as “magic”, is the force and species of all kinds live in the cosmos among districts divided into the Empire, The Galactic Republic, The Hutt Empire, etc etc?? :0
Let me know your thoughts! And again, sorry if I don’t respond so fast-


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