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1 month ago


  • medibangpaint

She is part of a thing I call color clans. Ill give you guys the things later.
Nigee info:
Sexual idenity: it he or she. SHe doesnt care what you call her.
Personality:Dark, sad, lonely, flirty, rude.
Likes:Alone time, coffee, tea, music, quite people, people who respect her space, stripes.
Dislikes:people, bright colors on her clothes,mirrors
Fears: Mirrors
Backstory: her parents where colored bunnies. she was born pure white so they abandoned her when they failed to kill her, because of a family of kind owls. They raised her being of white, gray, and black. later on in life as she grew older her fur and eyes turned black but the insides of her ears. after finding out what her birth parents tried to do she left home at 18. She still visits the owls. The owls gave her the gift of seeing into the ghost realm when she moved so she'll be safe.
Job: Grave yard. Digs graves, buries bodies, keeps the ghosts in line.
Likes in a mate: Knives, blood, graves, pain. Can be a sadist.