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💜trying to draw in mlp style💜

yeyeyeyey 😁😁😁😭😭😭
This is my first time drawing mlp style digitally,but lemme tell you,I drew a lot of mlp stuff long ago by hand my god 😐😂
Anyways,This is my mlp oc,which has no name (`|•_•)...
She's just as old as any of the main six and doesn't like to talk much
I also tried to do something "scenic" for once,so there's that
It's supposed to look like she's stranded on an island,and she's anxious(Note:she's a very shy bean,she likes Fluttershy as one of her closest friends)
Don't forget to donate fries to ur local jazzyfly my dudes, I'm-
I mean-
THEY'RE very hungry(😎😎😎😐😐😭😭)
Idk if this is guud or not,but enjoy(?)💜🗡👑🦋🍟

1 week ago

Post your illustrations too!