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1 year ago

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1- Do the lineart and put it's layer to multiply.
2- In a layer under the lineart one, choose the base color. I recommend a lighter tone.
3- In another layer (in multiply), take the base color + two darker tones of that color. The multiply will let it darker as if you were layering on traditional.
4- Using the blending brush, smudge it from outside to the inside, up to down (I'm using the wet watercolor brush to blend. It's a base brush in the watercolor section of ClipStudioPaint)
5- In another layer (in overlay), use a lighter tone and put it in a little circle (almost white) and use the same technique, but in a reverse way (inside to outside, down to up)
6- In another layer (Add Glow or Glow Dodge) use the same tone and just make the shining details


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