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2 months ago

  • StarCross

  • drawing

  • oc

This took so long to make and idk why qwq
Anyways, hope you like it!

BG Info:
“Jazz Years” Is a memoir of Danielle (cross) that reflects on the good and fun summer times of StarCross. It’s like a diary of stuff she did and things she experienced :)

Lysander Proxima (c)PG
SC Rainey (c)Rainey
SC Minty (c)mint mochi
SC anxiety-octo (c)anxiety-octo
Drake (c)Codex
SC Lolli (c)UndertaleLover237
SC Squidkid (c)Squidkid
SC Kuri (c)Dreamy Kuri

A note from your lifeguard:
“ Guys- Take a surfing class before trying iT! I hate to see you guys wipe out all the time from my booth lol ^^” “


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