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Eye Coloring Tutorial [by: hayra96] LEVEL 7

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2 years ago

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Finally I've just made my first eye tutorial here. I hope that it can help you to coloring your eyes more shinning, shimmering, and splendid XD [LOL]

Program that I use: Paint Tool SAI

Hmmm.. I'm trying my best to explained this all with English, but sorry for my bad English, hope you can understand :)

But If you have a question just feel free to ask me via DM on my Medibang account/ DM on my Instagram account @smangart_gallery/ just left a comment down below :)

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  • SoyN

    No es igual, pero seguí tus instrucciones y lo adapté lo mejor que pude

  • QuestaRo

    I looked at your tutorial and It helped me greatly on how to detail eyes! Thank you fellow ARMY! :)

  • cherry

    It helped a lot!

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