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4 weeks ago

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This's actually facts about Amyra(Henry stickminAu) >But this have nothing to do with Henry Stickmin tho<

Amy Is actually Secretive but kind and friendly person, aparently one of her friend is a secret agent and ask Amy to help him so she was invited to join the society (forced actually)

But little did they know Amy is actually one of another secret society, she's either an assassin or spy. Amy's afraid that if she's still in contact with them, she will be the cause of their death so she pushed everyone away and became different and rude, becoming The One She Were...

They thought she was two sided and apparently, believe she's a Sociopath.

But her enemy knew about her friends and she know she have to do...

Dissapear and Never Show Herself Again by Faking Her Own DEATH...

>and that's the only thing I've got now... This is also have something connected to the secret society I'm working on but this is different so...

yeah, sorry for my bad english tho :/



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