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10 months ago

  • giftyouwant
Just last Sunday, my mom in the Philippines messaged me that my youngest uncle passed away a mere 3 days before Christmas. In Philippine culture, family is first so any death in our clan is always devastating. I send money each month to my parents in Manila because they are both retired and my father suffered a stroke a few years back. With the news of my uncle's passing, I decided to send a bit more money than usual so that my father could travel to his hometown for the funeral. That doesn't leave me with much money for my personal expenses and food. If selected, I would use the gift cards to buy essentials like food from Amazon, and I would also be able to purchase late Christmas gifts for my friends and myself. That way, I would be able to turn what otherwise would be a depressing period into a solemn start to 2020. Happy Holidays everyone.


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