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10 months ago

  • MyIdealWaifu_MyIdealHusbandoContest

  • MyIdealHusbando

  • longhair

  • boy

  • blackhair

  • blueeyes

  • husbando

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• Goodlooking.
• An outgoing person.
• He would often tease and joke around.
• Hardworking.
• He has a decent income.
• Loves cuddles.
• Loves getting attention 24/7.
• Around 175" tall.
• Really kind.
• Would often get Jealous.
• You can really rely on him.
• Will be there to hug you in sad moments.
• Has a good Fashion sense.
• Good at sports.
• Has a good built body.
• Was once part of a band.
• Knows how to play a guitar.
• He would sing for you anytime.
• Would make a song just for you.
• Loves watching Thriller and Horror movies with you.
• Loves watching anime aswell.
• He really likes Hamburgers🍔


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