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  • March2021_Creature

  • January2021_Contest:OC

  • February2021_Fantasy

  • creature

  • cursed

  • bones

  • treasure

  • cave

  • king

  • gold

  • jewels

  • skeleton

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There once lived a king, who was greedy of wealth and bloodlust, he usurped many kingdoms, slayed innocents just to satisfy his urges. Out of paranoia he hid his wealth in a secret cave far from his own palace. Now being cursed he is forced to spend his days in the very same cave as a treacherous flesh-eating monster, immortal yet rotting amidst what was once his own treasure. Now this very same treasure acts as bait for those unlucky explorers who want to taste a glimpse of such treasure and get a taste of the monster’s bloodlust instead.


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