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1 month ago

  • medibangpaint

  • sorry

ok ..
sorry for all the wait and for making you guys worried .

To make the story short , I had a huge art block ( still do ) and I quitted drawing for the past 3 months ; That's when I discovered genshin.
Then school started getting harder because some important tests were coming up ( invalsi tests ), that in the end I didn't take because of the covid situation.
And in the end , I had my exams coming up . One month was spent working on my thesis and in the first 2 weeks of this month I was preparing my oral presentation .
My exam went well , I think , and now I have 3 months of summer holidays , so I needed to get back here to apologize and to post more .
Now the only problem is that my creativity is gone and I'm brain dead .

With that said , I am truly sorry for leaving you like that , and I totally understand if you guys are mad at me . I am also very sorry for my unconsintency with everything ..


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