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1 year ago

  • medibangpaint

Thanks to nowifiatmyplace, AriaBatih0415, Sky 18, J-lee.nix, OxyTheft, and coffee ghost for the ideas :D
Species: Elf
Gender: boy
Age: 17
hair style (no color): Flufy curly with sparkles
Skin: Caucasian with freckles and red spot on arm
Clothing/clothing style: Worn out adventure clothes
Muddy, more browner colors
Lanky, but short
Angry boi
Starts fights out of the slightest dislike

I took the creative liberty(?) and made him kind of a traveling artist bc he has glitter in his hair.
If anyone wants to we can throw out some ideas and throw together a backstory for this lad
I kinda love him if I'm being honest heh


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