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3 weeks ago

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I swear...

If any of my art got taken down for a couple or more times....

I'm good as de-

I mean,

my account might get frozen ○_○;

More that 4 or 5 of my work got taken down and lmao I don't know what to do 😂

I'm about to do something so I'm kinda worry about it lol

But I don't really get it like...

I give credits and those are my own art that I drew with my freaggin sweaty hand (lol) and the say I violated their rules

If you take down my art for using 'Draw your squad base/templet', why would you just take down mine and not others?

Also it is meant to be used by everyone but I can't argue with you 'bout it lol


Lmao why do I feel like this is funny?

okay bye


and have a nice day ^o^


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