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Too Far Gone (not quite finished)

Too Far Gone (not quite finished)

Too Far Gone (not quite finished)

Inspired by the song “Chara-Act One” by MandoPony

I’ve walked a hundred miles down a broken road
And in my mind I carry such a heavy load
The voices in my head I think are not my own
But I will reap the seeds that my hands have sown
My thoughts are dark and red
And I am stained inside
If I stop now there’d be nowhere for me to hide
From the sins I feel crawling on my back
You can’t save a soul that you lack
It’s too late now
I’m too far gone
I’ve lost too many chances and
Now I feel myself

I feel myself changing
With every fight, I am changing
It’s easier when you’re changing
Don’t stop me now, I am changing
With every save, I am changing
Your every move keeps me changing
Why don’t you move? I am changing
I’ll strike you too, I am changing
I am changing...

Final Round LEVEL 1

2 weeks ago
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