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On The Edge

On The Edge

On The Edge

I'm considering this my first piece of 2020, since I started the previous one (Daniel Jackson) in 2019.

Inspiration for this piece comes from various fears/worries of mine. Being "one the edge" of sanity/insanity and constantly feeling like I'm being watched. I tried to show these things in a few different ways. {Sitting on the edge of a fence, the edge of tile, crossing over from man-made to nature, trapped between worlds (the phantom-y dudes)/on the edge between two worlds, it's a little bit past twilight (made it a bit darker because I liked that), the eyes (being watched)}

I hope you enjoy! (ΦωΦ)

{P.S. I did consider calling this piece: Phantom}

Final Round LEVEL 1

2 weeks ago
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